The Creamery at Grassy Cow Dairy

The creamery is where we make our cheese and bottle our milk. The raw milk is pumped directly from our farm milk house where the milk is received directly from our cows. Our cheese process starts by pasteurizing the milk in the creamery very early in the morning, around 2:00 am. By the afternoon, we have fresh delicious cheese curd for our customers.

We purchased our new cheese vat directly from The Netherlands in the Fall of 2014. We wanted a round cheese vat versus a square one which we found at the time were more readily available from outside of the U.S. You will see various attachments, paddles, and temperature monitoring equipment. You will also see a curd mill that allows us to take blocks of warm cheese and mill them into the curd shape that you see in your bag of curds. Our creamery is licensed and inspected by the NYS Dept of Ag and Markets and is in compliance with FDA regulations. Our creamery is kept clean and sanitary so that we can offer the best product to our customers.