Creamline Milk - Half Gallon

Creamline Milk - Half Gallon

Grassy Cow Dairy
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Our Creamline Milk is slowly and gently pasteurized at a lower temperature for a longer period of time that will kill off key pathogens while retaining natural milk enzymes.

Our milk is NOT homogenized. Homogenization uses very high pressure to break down the fat molecules in milk into very small particles so that they can dissolve into the rest of the milk. Some believe that many of the health benefits of milk are lost and the milk loses its flavor during this process. Grassy Cow Dairy milk is made through a traditional practice with a minimal amount of processing. The result is a natural non-homogenized milk, retaining the proverbial “cream line”. 

Creamline milk need to be given a good "shake" in order to incorporate the cream.


Pasteurized Grade "A" Milk

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